As part of Hunter College’s Master of Urban Planning program capstone, the Gender-Inclusive Planning studio (GenderInc) has produced a report describing planning interventions and policy recommendations to elevate LGBTQ safety and equity in the urban public realm. We used the Jackson Heights neighborhood in Queens as a focus area for our efforts, as it is home to a large LGBTQ population and has been the site of several recent instances of gender-based violence. Jackson Heights also contains varied land uses, transportation options, and a richly diverse populous, enough so to capture the wide range of planning issues that one could encounter in the rest of the city at large. Our initiatives and recommendations are aimed at reducing harassment and violence against LGBTQ people in public spaces, with a particular focus on public transit as well as on transit’s street-level access points. These recommendations and initiatives are specifically designed to be executed on a broader level across the five boroughs of New York City. Such a citywide application of the report’s findings would position New York City as a national leader in addressing gender-based violence and harassment.

Download a PDF version of the report here.

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