Data Collection Update

Our workshop this weekend was a success! To inform our design and policy interventions we wanted to speak with practicing planners and urban designers for the dual purpose of learning how these kinds of issues play out in their workplaces and to allow experienced planners to dialogue with each other about these problems.

Our survey is now posted on our website. We are looking to get as many experiences of safety in public space as we can to paint a rich picture of what goes on in public space in New York City. Please take it!

With Jackson Heights as our focus area, we have been conducting person-on-the-street intercept surveys with people using public space in the neighborhood. It will be interesting to compare the intercept surveys with the general NYC survey results and see if Jackson Heights is any difference.

We are just about wrapping up our expert interviews where we are learning a lot about the implications of addressing gaps for trans* and gender non-conforming people in public policy. These discussions will help us decide who will help us the most in disseminating the wide variety of intellect we have collected. 

The studio is entering the essential period of data analysis and we will see you on the other side!