2.5.2016 | Nick Addamo

GenderInc is proud to partner with Hollaback! in the effort to elevate safety in the urban public realm. Dedicated to fighting street harassment, Hollaback has empowered people in over 79 cities and 26 countries internationally to respond through a smartphone/web application. Users are encouraged to speak up when they see harassment by quickly documenting it in a short post (photo optional) and sharing it to a publicly viewable map. Street harassment is a form of sexual and gender-based harassment that takes place in public spaces. At its core is a power dynamic that constantly reminds historically subordinated groups (women and LGBTQI folks, for example) of their vulnerability to assault in public spaces. Street harassment can be sexist, racist, transphobic, homophobic, ableist, sizeist and/or classist.

At the core of Hollaback!’s model lies the belief that movements start with people telling their stories – and they succeed with people taking action. Thanks to the proliferation of blogging and social media, it is no longer the loudest, wealthiest and most powerful who rule the airwaves: anyone with access to their local library’s internet portal can have a voice. Hollaback! leverages technology to bring voice to an issue that historically has been silenced, and to build leadership within this movement to break the silence. //

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Share your story and personal street harassment map with the click of a button. Download Hollaback!'s new app for iPhone andAndroid today!